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Friday, September 03, 2004

last night i dreamed of gary busey

he and i were homeless in downtown k.c. with a child (apparently ours) and it was a dark and frigid midnight to early morning. we are completely broke, but all liquored up anyway, and we decide to entertain ourselves by coasting in a shopping cart down Main. Main itself was completely deserted except for us in our shopping cart and a taxi cab outside the db (or in that general vicinity). the kid seemed to enjoy the ride and didn't mind having such losers for parents (apparently he had never heard of gary busey). at some point, i'm worried for the kid because it's so cold. we need to find a warm place to stay for the evening, so we break into an underwear shop housed in a very large open warehouse space. i'm still drunk and begin to do some hobo-shopping--running from bin to bin, submerging my hands in piles of underwear, tossing them up, rich with all the pretty underthings i'd ever wanted. also i knew i could sell everything i took and buy the kid some food and school supplies he needed.

i think that dream means i'm ready for children.


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