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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

coffeebreak on the sandwich islands

isn't it strange how guacamole comes your way just when you want it most? i pack guac for lunch then i encounter it at a going away party for the I.S. manager this morning.

larry the I.S. guy is an old vietnam vet, who's been working in the computer tech field since the early 80's. he steered us through the big software project we completed last month after 4 years. he and his wife, a retired teacher, worked here and today is their last day. he got on my nerves occassionally, not listening to some of my suggestions, but ultimately, i grew to love him and his great dry wit. back to retirement and beekeeping on their tonganoxie farm. vaya con dios chickadees.

speaking of that, killer pioneer children in my dreams last night. one of those that come off like a movie--i am displaced and watching events unfold--first i'm back working the in high school diploma program i worked in a couple of years ago, with that woman who was the closest human equivalent to standing next to a black hole, and she's still bossing me and all the students around, a terribly condescending little napoleonette. just as in reality during that job, the students bitched to and were genuinely hurt by her remarks to them. i just tried to listen and comfort them and encourage them to stay on track with their assignments as best they could, not to let her win. then suddenly i'm in my parents backyard, a family of prairie children are talking with my dad and brothers. they seem like the sweet, freckled and blond children of the little house the prairie phenotype. then a sideways glance between them and i notice in their haywagon--a body buried under the hay, feet sticking out. i realize they are there to kill my family and possibly the whole town. chases ensue through a damp wood. at one point my perspective shifts to be one of them, seeing the chase and feeling the plotting going on in my/his/her head, where they'll put the bodies. no resolution to the dream. the dream went right up to alarm time, and i just woke up.

you don't suck. and i'm sorry but this IS my diary.


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