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Friday, August 27, 2004

bachelor buttons

my nunny friend theresa brought little yellow flowers in a bud vase for me today. they are cheerily arranged and she positioned directly in front of my world map--fitting because there's not much reason yet to dream past the desk today. ever practical, i'm acutely aware that i should be finishing a software manual help site. but more importantly, i'm content. contently fucked last night. contently full of peanut butter crackers. freshly showered. clean panties. what more could a girl ask for? (a boy in fishnet stockings?)

last night. end of the world. in a hospital, the entire population is showing up at hospitals, sick with an alien virus. no, not mexican tapeworms, but some kind of celestially-borne respiratory thing. but i'm not sick and i'm trying to get out of the hospital on skates (freudian slip: i originally typed 'bathroom', not 'hospital'). i find my brother bart and he isn't sick either and he's on skates too. we talk and strategize how to find the rest of our family and get them out too. and then we're off in separate directions. and some other stuff happens, i run into sick people, coughing up lungs, etc., but i never find my family and i eventually leave alone.


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