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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

sleeping through the belle epoch

last night. (well, really this AM) what dreams!
first one - j and i thought i might be pregnant - i just started on the pill, again, so no worries in waking life - and we went to kmart, specifically it appeared to be the old one that my mom worked at for a short spell in the 70's when it was new. we hunt around for the right test, trying to determine the difference between the $14.95 test and the $19.99 test, if there was any. finally we choose one and go to the middle of the store where the dressing rooms are. my parents are there waiting on the sitting bench outside the crappy little makeshift rooms. my dad was not very happy with j. my mom, not so happy with me. and my dad said something about better marry her and my mom sort of mumbled agreement as i tried to ignore them and went to pee. kind of an uncomfortable moment out there between the 3 of them. so i pee in this thing, and it's a big blue plastic box, shaped just like our scanner/printer in waking life. i call j over. we can't figure out the results so we take it back to the pharmacy. the pharmacist is this creepy middle-aged jew who looks like ron silver with frizzy hair. he puts on his glasses, walks to other end of the counter, and looking at the test says, ok, 77% negative, you're not pregnant. then he gave us some masturbation tips which was totally sickening, and actually wrote them out on a prescription pad. dream over.

before that i had dreams about fin de siecle paris. it was covered in snow and it was beautiful. i was staying in a commune-like old house with academie de beaux artes students. riding in open top doubledeckers around the city (not historically correct i know). dressing in beautiful turn of the century frocks and getting the hems wet in the snow. oh it was visually amazing and i felt a general excitement of discovery all around me. that feeling of being new in a foreign city, and gloriously lost.

then i woke up to jason looking down at me and kissing me--a most romantic wake up call.


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