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Friday, September 03, 2004

hobo coffee

tell me this: do you think my mind has been irrevocably warped by too much reality tv/cnn/fox, etc? Example: yesterday pm, i went to get coffee in the break room. i poured a cup into my country apple motif coffee cup. started to sip, noted a weird foam on top, swirled the suspect bevie around and then noticed a kind of sludge. and my immediate thought was of those tv shows where they have hidden cameras in break rooms and film people peeing in the coffee pot, spitting in the peanut butter, whatever. then i think, could such a thing happen at the chr foundation? then i think, sarah, you're crazy paranoid. what's your vote?

ok, you're asking me two different questions -
1-has your mind been irrevocably warped by too much "real" media?
2-are you crazy paranoid?

1 - cf. baudrillard
2 - no. you're just hyper-aware. (but i don't think anyone whizzed in your coffee, either.)


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