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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Welcome to KeyWestPalmDaytonaBeach! Wanna party?

the wellspring of majestic dreams dried up last night.

the entire dream had the look of a bad 80's spring break movie. in fact, the setting was something like daytona beach circa 1987. so many men with lemon-juice-lightened hair and skin the color of dirty pennies. i don't remember any women but me in the dream. i frequented a little fish shack favored by locals whose closets must've been fully stocked by the summer clearance rack at burlington coat factory. this is the kin dof place where all the regulars order the special (brown tuna special tonight). anyway, i'm a wandering about my life, the dream, in a drunken stupor, the girl who stayed way too long at the house party and hasn't yet discovered that it's over. then scene-change, i'm on a rooftop dancefloor comprised of lasers under the glass floorboards. dancing to cheesy music and dressed in neon colors.

what a fashion nightmare.


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