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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

nothing to add but my support...

one of the few blogs i read on a daily basis has been expounding on the finer points of why the Bodies Revealed exhibit is more sideshow than science exhibit. i'll leave it to him and better informed others to argue the details with the masses, but i simply want to add my support with what i'd like to think is a pretty common-sense, even-handed approach.
Unlike the archbishop decree I'm supposed to listen to as a K.C. Catholic, my problem is not with the objectification of the bodies as scientific tools -- on the contrary, i think it's somewhat inappropriate for us with relics of saints (fingers, clothes, hair) stashed on our alters to get high and mighty about conceptualizing the body as only a vessel of the spirit -- but rather, my problem is with the potential human rights abuses implicated in the procurement of these bodies.
I would have no problem taking my nieces and nephews to these shows, with proper explanation and guidance, were all the legal releases and information on the donors in place.
The mere shadow of doubt is enough for me to take a pass this time around. And, from what I'm reading online of the popularity of these exhibits, the money-making train isn't stopping anytime soon and lines are forming for individuals who are gladly and willingly wanting to donate their bodies for such an exhibit. And that would include those of European ancestry.
So, I figure I can wait until they fine-tune this process a bit and create exhibits with properly-documented specimens. a cleaner conscience is worth the wait.


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