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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

disappointment, jealousy and finally ... ennui

i had plans to get my caucus up tonight folks. I'd been planning it for months. I subscribed to the email list for ks dems even, to stay up on any late-breaking developments.

yet here i sit, sipping peppermint tea and blowing my raw, red nose into my husband's hanky (this fact alone should illustrate the direness of the situation).

i'm fucked up by the common cold, yo. relegated to witnessing my caucus being handled by the likes of that whore wolf blitzer. saying that Missouri is really who matters in the region. you fickle, fickle bitch, wolf.

at least the events of the day presented me with one interaction of note: I was privy to discuss the fracturing of the conservative evangelical movement with an actual, live, progressive evangelical. I always imagined them to be about as common as unicorns, but here was one right in front of me expounding on McCain's virtues and the promise of Obama. And you know, he was actually really even-handed and well-informed about the broader political landscape -- not just the conservative end of the spectrum. All this, yet, he described himself as an evangelical. My head almost exploded. I wish I would've gotten a photo so you'd believe that I actually saw one. It was amazing, and, so heartening. The young evangelicals are thinking critically for themselves. It's going to be interesting to watch this group evolve.


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