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Friday, September 10, 2004

things that go rump in the night

if dreams of celebrities are supposed to indicate a healthy level of self-esteem, i wonder what does it say about me that i dream of gary busey and jan michael vincent?

i'm thinking that reflects just the opposite really.

so last night i dreamed i was living in san fran with jan michael vincent (post-air wolf) in the late '80's. we had a house full of kids, none of which i believe were actually mine, but rather a group of semi-orphans created by jan himself and his ex-wives and one-night-stands. we lived in a big, dumpy, but sunny, victorian in the haight. i remember just chasing around a lot of kids and trying to keep them doing homework and watering the massive plants hanging from massive macrame hangers. also, funnelling the children around the city to school, lessons, etc. i'm not sure what this means. i've never been to sanfran, much less california.

another dream involved facing off with a character i periodically draw: a bald clown with a bad attitude who wears just jeans and a crappy tee. i named him 'rumpy the clown'. anyway, rumpy and i are battling in water for control of a city and all its inhabitants. he dunks me in the water. i push him and one of his minions off their raft and he falls in. his minions, by the way, are all these hot mermaid girls. anyway, i have flapper-type goth girls helping me canoe around and get strategic position on rumpy. it all takes place in a river, but the river is like in a whale belly; it's in a large fleshy cavern. eventually the flappers and i defeat rumpy and make the town safe for all types, not just hot mermaids and clowns.


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