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Friday, August 13, 2010

i've been thinking about you; have you been thinking about me?

blog i miss you when i'm gone. i've been thinking about you a lot and where my mind's been.

well, it's been a lot with our friend J this year. Yeah, pretty much all year. she's 35 and lost her husband in a helicopter crash last September. he left this beautiful life behind, the kind of life few of us ever are gifted with. i think about him a lot. i think about the magnitude of losing a person so dear. the father of my children. i pray for her always. and i stand by her on her journey. and it's not been easy but i'd have not done a thing differently -- for once in my life.

i've been thinking on me a lot too and the work i need to do. we all have work to do, and i've got plenty of it just waiting to be scooped up and plated.

and i love singing. i have an ok voice, but i love and i transcend when i sing. did you know that about me? that i can be seen on the occasional late night driving down State Ave and belting out Neko Case songs as best as my little untrained throat can? well, i do. and sometimes i cry too because i'm emo as shit.

and i'm apparently an introvert. everyone but me is surprised by this. i find human interaction generally perplexing, mostly draining and periodically self-flagellating. most people in the world are extroverted thinkers. i think this explains a hell of a lot.

and i think that's good for tonight. it feels right to be here and i hope to settle back in in short order.

enjoy this KS thunder. it's like a secret in a very loud whisper.


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