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Monday, June 15, 2009

Really if I can post once a week, I'm doing well

I made Ginger Lemon White Peppercorn ice cream in a Ziploc tonight. Jay and Ro made cinnamon -- without any of that hideous faux cinnamon flavoring which is the downfall of nearly all but one cinnamon ice cream I've ever had. Of the group tonight, mine was technically better if a bit on the too sweet side.
We spent the afternoon in my mom's plastic kiddie pool. Bebe got a wee too much sun even with the sunscreen but she's sleeping it off. I give the kid a lot of credit for having the sense (and courtesy) to get her undiapered butt out of the pool before pinching a poo. She acted like she got out to admire the rose bush then I saw her shaking it off her butt like a regular cave baby and I was overcome with pride.
I do love summer with the kids and my mom. They are dolls and I feel the luxury of it -- truly I do. I am thankful for these days.
I'm liking the Juan MacClean. Enjoying YYY's It's Blitz more than I expected. Karen O's getting older -- and, it's graceful on her, lucky girl.
I'm trying to sketch again. Jay needs to get more flexible though to make it interesting. Oh well, I should be thankful I have a model with such classic definition. I'm determined to build up some sketches that could make it on the wall someday. Maybe en masse they'll fool the eye into looking like the work of someone who's had some training.
The feral neighborhood cats sound like children crying under my window. It's fucking creepy and if I had the stomach for it I'd off them but the little girls next door feed them and attempt to civilize them enough to pass as pets so I couldn't do it.
I really need like one evening a week to peruse the bookstore for inspiration. Then I need to actually execute the fruits of said inspiration.
Did I ever show you Ro and I's attempt at stop-motion claymation?


At 12:37 PM, June 17, 2009 , Blogger pom. said...

holy MMMMMMMMMM, dude!!!

At 12:56 PM, June 18, 2009 , Blogger B. said...

Whoa...c'mon now...this is a private video! :/


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