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Thursday, April 09, 2009

republicans masquerading as libertarians

Ok, ok, so why stop now?
Saw a quote recently by Glenn Beck now that he's with Fox "I'm becoming more and more Libertarian every day."
The revolution of the cogs is showing, Beck, I mean really, come the fuck on.
Has anyone else noticed that the Republican brand has become so TOXIC that even in the midst of a clearly Rush/Coulter/Dobbs infused rant, your con friends grab a breath to tell you how they're REALLY Libertarians?
Ok, by that stretch of the imagination, I'm a Libertarian as well.
This is also none to different than that d-bag who wants to to tit-for-tat you on every dem v repub talking point then when his/her argument starts looking as thinly veiled as an American journalist in Iran they smugly inform you that they "... vote third party" last election. So, fine, listen there is no such thing as third-party punditry in this political landscape, so ahole you CLEARLY must fall more or less on one side or another of the moderate line (another conspiracy theory, anyone actually know any true moderates?) and when that affiliation becomes transparent, THAT's when this kind of dbag wants to pull the old bait and switch. And -- let me clearly state -- I've seen libs as well as cons pull out this same tactic. While I admire the idea of supporting a third party, I really don't see the point of a third part vote OTHER than as a last-ditch bottom of the deck trick to win political arguments. In fact, for all intents and purposes, I consider that fact to deem null and void any legitimacy of their political beliefs because in effect they basically chose not to vote at all.
allright. beer #2 on deck for the evening. and time to read some more of teh Twilight series. Don't hate. You know you're Team Edward (but since I've got native blood I've got to rep for Team Jacob, soory).


At 8:30 PM, April 10, 2009 , Blogger Midtown Miscreant said...

"as thinly veiled as an American journalist in Iran"

Now that was a great line. You don't write nearly as often as you should. Your last two posts were really good.


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