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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

That's right, JoCo. SUCK IT!

Just like my friend in JoCo who wants to point out how everyone's down on JoCo until they need to go to the Mall -- I add Exhibit B to the growing list of shit you all come to the Dirty Dotte for, even while you turn your nose up. Bring your sunscreen white boy!
From the UG Newsletter:

Despite rumors, the Schlitterbahn project was on hold. The project team confirms the Schlitterbahn water park will open this summer.

County Administrator Dennis Hays provided an update on the project and reaffirmed to UG senior staff that private funding is in place for the Schlitterbahn project to proceed forward. "Despite the dismal economic conditions, more than $140 million have been spent on the development and construction of this project to date," he said in a letter to staff and the UG Board of Commission.

The project schedule calls for a phased opening, beginning with the water park opening for business the summer of 2009. To date the Schlitterbahn has:

* Completed 90% of the site work
* Completed 100% of the underground storm water system
* Received equipment on a regular schedule for the resort
* Completed 70 % of the Tidal Wave river structure

Ferry BoatDespite the cold temperatures and snow, equipment continues to arrive to the site. Just last month, two ferry boats were shipped to Kansas City. The two-year old boats will be refurbished and retrofitted with clean natural gas engines. The boats will be part of the signature Transportainment river system when they debut along the Guadal-Comal River at the new entertainment destination.

"The ferry boats are important to us in many ways," explains Michael Catcott, project executive for the Schlitterbhan Vacation Village. "Not only do they shuttle our guests throughout all areas of the resort, but use of these recycled boats also demonstrates our continued commitment to green practices."

The Schlitterbahn team and their principle financing partner, Entertainment Properties Trust, LLC, have committed the necessary funding to ensure opening of the water park this Summer


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