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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

listen. so i've been wasting my best stuff in comments sections lately.

And I'm bogged down with work (yes, I'm a lib AND I fucking own a business! could it be??) so I'm simply republishing a comment I had somewhere else under the guise of something new to say. But read ahead -- I'll give you the highlights.

"Anyone read the bill?
(the one that’s not even out of committee yet?)

Let’s cut to the motherfucking chase –
conservatives are motivated by fear mongering
liberals are motivated by class warfare

I’ll take staring inequality in the face and calling it what’s what over hiding under a bed neatly made with Way Back When sheets any day.

Conservatives are motivated by fear. There I said it.
I’m drunk. So fucking what?

I’d rather die under the promise of offering a hand up to those that need it than die under the false premise that we live in a meritocracy. Kind of like the people protesting a public insurance option have always had insurance when they most needed it — people who believe we all start from zero and succeed in a meritocracy are people who started with all the right checks in the majority column.

(BTW anyone besides me notice that the whole fucking IDEA of insurance is a fucking exercise in communism? [at least before insurance companies started being run by shareholders and not doctors

I love summie. And for that reason, I love to hear her take on things. She brings something to the world of politics that I do not. However, in an objective sense, that goes both ways. We need neo-cons. We need libs. If only to help the rest of us self-identify somewhere in the middle.

P.S. Conservatives are not idiots. But they are not motivated by the same things I’m motivated by. That said, sometimes what the libs want is what’s best for the country. Sometimes what is best for the country is what cons want (see my arguement about con beliefs being fear-of-the-unknown based v. lib beliefs being fear-of-The-Man beliefs). This time, the libs have it." from

So before we start shouting fire in a crowded theater — or “They’re going to euthanize retards!” let’s read the bill language instead of elevating poorly worked retweets and Beck-onized propaganda.

the truth is, you people couldn’t get behind a bill to euthanize Hitler if the seed of the idea came from the Obama administration. so, by all means, be in touch with your representative and discuss the bill, but don’t regurgitate fear-based talking points.

the truth is, middle of the road americans (which god love you Summie, is not you OR I) will see this concept of a public v private option depending on who they trust most: the government or insurance companies.

personally, i’d rather put my stake in someone beholden to VOTERS rather than shareholders. then from there, we can at least honestly address this whole idea that the electoral college is a farce.

Craig Klotz You know what I really, really, REALLY want? Yup: socialized medicine.
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Brandon Porter
Brandon Porter
at least get something going. It seems the people who are complaining about this topic have probably always had insurence.
2 hours ago
Laura Lorson
Laura Lorson
I thought you really really really wanted a zigga-zig-aaaaah.
2 hours ago
Sarah Jacobson
Sarah Jacobson
No, no, no. What I really want is medicine FOR PROFIT!!
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At 11:18 AM, August 19, 2009 , Blogger emawkc said...

Great post! Misguided in places. In fact, it inspired me to write up a response. Of course the comment got to be too long, so I posted it and linked to you.

At 11:57 PM, August 25, 2009 , Blogger javagirl said... a conservative friend on FB - actually 2 of them - posted something to the effect of "did anyone read the bill?" I think I might have to de-friend them. I haven't but I will and I think I will find that I'm still behind Obama and universal healthcare. Not much could change my mind but don't post a comment asking me whether or not I read something just to make yourself look like the more informed conservative (because they all are more informed than us libs right?). I'm officially defriending.
Although that won't count towards the "How many people can you get to defriend you on FB" contest we got going on.


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