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Friday, October 24, 2008

I think it was a BLACK MAN!

"A Message From Your Typical Obama Supporter"
Heh, or so the subject line read when I opened an email from a good but politically mislead friend this morning. I'd already heard the story on the radio and was in fact ready to look up the photo that accompanied it, so his timing was great. I already had some questions as to the validity of this far fetched tale.
Now, stay with me here because I have a larger point.
You may attribute my skepticism to my already determined vote for Obama. However, I think that's dismissive of the fact that I have a history of skepticism that usually seems to pan out. Especially when trying to suss out the truth from an often confusingly biased or just simply confused mass media. And that's why I can proudly state that I never voted for Bush. Not even the first time when we had no reason but to take him at his word. I thought then however, that he seemed mostly harmless and befuddled half the time. Little did I know what would lie in store for us for the next 8 years.
Now, my Republican friends, not even a question as to the validity of the woman's story, even though the CNN story stated 3 different times this morning that police could not substantiate the story. They must've scanned past those lines (attributable to the 'liberal media' operative that is CNN, I guess).
And here's the kicker for me. The word 'typical' being used in that subject line. Hmm. Now that we have a confession from a mentally unstable attention whore, would I be accurate to assume that she represents a typical crazy white woman who supports McCain (much in the same way that the original story painted the picture of a 'typical' Obama supporter which is apparently is believably enough a robbing illiterate [backwards B] black man)? Do you have to be mentally ill/out of touch with reality to vote for McCain?
Hey, I'm just saying this story has got it all -- two of the greatest towering racial stereotypes of the 20th century -- the black criminal out to hurt white women and a crazy ass white bitch in need of attention. Except one of those, in this case, isn't a figment of the imagination of the mass consciousness.


At 7:20 AM, October 26, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen to that


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