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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

my heart is empty

But my stomach is full on zucchini bread. That's the way it always goes.
I'm back on the muthafucking rag, and it blows (and shows -- evidence the freshly baked zucchini bread with crystallized ginger above). And I'm startled by the finality of it. My baby-birthing days are over, just like that. That time in my life has come to a close and I'm mourning it. The innocence I found there in myself as a new mother. Those tender spots that I still had buried under all the damage, I didn't know they existed or I would've tried harder to kill them off in my reckless youth. But my babies soften them right back up.
There is nothing more beautiful than the unquestioned acceptance of love. A capacity which only a young child can still possess.
It's just been a hell of a whirlwind two years.
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At 12:30 AM, October 09, 2008 , Blogger j said...

awww...don't be too sad...I can understand your point...and I want some of that bread!

At 8:48 PM, October 09, 2008 , Blogger pom. said...

the bread is/was good.thxyou


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