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Friday, September 26, 2008

just watched the debate

I see where the accusation of Obama as overly intellectual is coming from. It was flying high tonight and I would say as a minority man in a white man's world, that ability to be intellectually superior yet even handed in disagreements has been a huge asset. I see in that approach the ability to put the tic marks aside and actually get shit done. I actually feel a lot better about him as a candidate although I think McCain may have ultimately walked away with this one tonight. It was close though, and given that this area is really McCain's turf, if he was going to hit one out of the ballpark, it should've been tonight. He looked uncomfortable with the directness of Obama's addressing him ... after much encouragement from Leherer. What I saw tonight was illuminating in that McCain (validly) wants to talk about what's happening now in Iraq, the surge, etc. but as Obama astutely pointed out, the war didn't begin in 2007, John, and what matters in a Commander in Chief is prudent judgment calls and vision. Not employing strategy postmortem. To me, McCain came off overall as a reactionary whereas Obama came off as intellectual. In this volatile world, I'll take the latter, thank you.


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