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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Customer Name: Random Douchebag

In deference to this article by way of Tony's KC:
Surprising entries on your receipt when you take something back to one of those overpriced dens of medocrity at Oak Park Mall (seriously, check your receipts):

Customer Name: Pedophile Withtoomuchfacialhair
Customer Name: Dissociative GothWhale
Customer Name: Stupid Whitebitchwith9kidsandacoupon
Customer Name: Androgynous Teenagerwithacoke/eyelinerproblem
Employee ID: Parkinglot Handjobs$1
Store ID: Human Litterbox01

I mean, excuse me, but for fuck's sake. You can't even take back a pair of shoes as a black man without getting looked down on by some night school dropout whose parents won't make them move out of the basement.
By the way, I won't be shopping there. I won't be taking my children there. If I want to pay too much for clothing made in China, I'll go support my friends at The Legends. Or Independence Center. Or Town Center. Fuck Oak Park Mall.


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