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Friday, October 17, 2008

to crown center with love

You're like an airport mall. Full of half-lost travelers, a captive audience and home to the area's only hive of useless gift shops. But unlike the P&L, you're family-friendly. Fritz's is always a hit and the hobby train shop on the top floor is full of curiosities. Really, $800 for a toy train?
Plus, you're a better reflection of KC. There's none of the JoCo veneer to the people walking these hallways. There's an element of danger in this crowd. You find yourself wondering if the angry girl in the hijab would just as soon shank you as look at you. It's fine. It's good to remember that tension's there.
But Ro, he's oblivious. Running the length of the Skyway between Union Station and the Westin -- the clouds bouncing around the last rays of sun as twilight rolls in. He's holding court above Main Street, watching the cars zoom to the Lego skyline ahead. The city is grist for the mill of childhood imagination. I'm glad my kids will grow up to be comfortable in the city and take the good with the bad, and all in stride. They won't have to wonder what's beyond the privacy fence in their own backyard. They'll be able to see it, touch it and wonder about it face to face.
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