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Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy 2 month birthday, ninja

though, I'm having second thoughts on your name. I think we should've named you Pinkerton. Pinky Maxine Preu has a ring to it don't you think?
So, now I ask you dear friends and family to cooperate -- we're all going to start referring to her as Pinky, ok? OK???
She'll never be the wiser.
I know, I'm a bad mother. Whatever.


At 10:59 AM, May 13, 2008 , Blogger Natasha said...

Thanks for passing on the good word to your friend. Big hair and big tots.... that's me!

At 5:02 PM, May 19, 2008 , Blogger Sum said...

Tell Pinky McGoo that she is hawt for me.


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