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Friday, April 25, 2008

One week under my belt

So we close really our first week alone together at home. And, it was a doozy with the unpredictable weather outside. We:
played at Shawnee Mission Park
went to the library twice (Ro and Bebe got their first library cards!)walked the neighborhood
talked to mormons canvassing the hood
played on the beer-bottle and trash riddled playground of our local park
skipped naps
went to story time
vacuumed the first floor repeatedly for an hour
visited jay on his lunch break downtown
I may have pulled out all my trick ponies just in the first week here. What will next week hold. Who knows, but I'm glad to have bought 48 hours of respite.

Also, Bebe is the next frakking Starbuck, mofos. She is staring rapt at the tv alongside her dad watching Battlestar.


At 3:54 PM, April 29, 2008 , Blogger Sum said...

Ok,this week, you guys can meet me for lunch, hang out with other hawt moms like Jeanne, uh...go to the zoo, go to the Dino Lab at Union Station. Ooh, how about Blocks, Puzzles and Pretty Flowers at Johnson County Library-Corinth? It's freeee!

But point totally taken, yo. It is hard to come up with stuff! I had to resort to Google already!


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