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Thursday, March 27, 2008

back in the freelance groove

well, sort of. i finally received a couple of assignments after a long dry spell. trying to find time to call the interviewees has already proven a challenge with a sleeping baby or a gassy baby or a baby with dirty drawers needing my attention. Nonetheless, I deem it to be good. It feels good, making a little money.
By the way, should you or yours need marketing copy, proposals, special interest or long form magazine articles, whatevs -- I'm your girl. Not in the Flavor of Love sense, but in the His Girl Friday sense.
Also, if any of you have attended one of these local mommy groups, can you let me know? What's it like? Is it weird? Are there alpha-moms with a my-suv-is-bigger-than-yours complex? I've found some groups for 'cool' moms but I'm not sure I care about being cool as much as they do. I'm not sure I have the priorities in the same spot -- you know, like, I'll let my 2 year old leave the house wearing his Thomas the Tank Engine light up tennies (his fav). Or I don't think I should compel him to watch CHIPS with me so I can share with people how ironic his taste in 70s television is. (yes, that is a real-life example). I was interested in the JoCoMochaMoms group, but it would be pretty awkward to show up with my blonde children and my obviously unmocha ethnic heritage. Still, they seem to have the best gatherings based on the photos from all the mom group web sites I checked out.
I'm looking for some support networks once I'm home, and I'm kinda at a loss here. It feels weird, showing up with your kids, asking someone to be your friend. or, even weirder, asking someone to be your kid's friend.


At 8:49 PM, March 27, 2008 , Blogger pomegranate said...

will you be friends with me and my kid?


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