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Thursday, March 06, 2008

orangina -- space juice for the french

so this morning in a middle world somewhere between sleep and labor pains, i had a dream of two girls, early-20s or so, each named 'Orangey'. I was quite smitten with them and their striking resemblance to my mom's senior yearbook photo and my grandma during her carousing days of the early 1940s. Orangey Girl, the first, with her serious air and dark clothing talked loftily from a coffeehouse chair at me and generally impressed me with her conversational acumen and worldliness. Orangey Cake, the second girl, led Roman (strangely still a toddler in my arms) around the grounds of a small college and bounded about with excitement at starting school there soon. Her hair was naturally dark but had been dyed that awful mid-90s purpley red color and she wore a tangerine-colored shirt to magnify the garishness. She also generally impressed me, but with her free-spiritedness and gusto.
I woke up with a pain shortly thereafter. Breathed through it and decided that today is the day I will have my daughter. And, apparently, I am obliged to name her Orangey.
Of course, it's now getting late in the day, labor pains have ceased... She didn't keep her end of the deal up so i guess that means I get a free pass on naming her Orangey.
Just in case though, I did a reverse look-up with name descriptions containing 'orange':
Alani, Lantana, Saffron, Nerola, Orangetta, and, of course, apparently taken from the literalist book of Paltrow: Orange. :)



At 9:54 AM, March 07, 2008 , Blogger katy ryan said...

I'm so excited for baby time!! Sending good thoughts your way -- can't wait to meet the lil' princess!


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