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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's our anniversary

or, it was. in celebration last night, we went to the P&L for the first time. i was impressed with the cleanliness, depressed by the lack of activity at the delightfully-smelling Chefburger (this is one of the few local, non-chain spots in the P&L and as such is tops on this quasi-vegetarian's list to check out). As Jay aptly observed, They're going to have to do something really special to get people down here on a weeknight to keep this place from rolling up at 6pm like the rest of downtown. He's right. A brighter spot was the Bristol, where we dined on goat cheese bruschetta, salmon and lobster ravioli. The place was positively packed for a (wha?) Tuesday night downtown. But from the looks of it, it was the ONLY place with such hubbub. I decided this crowd came mostly from business diners looking to stick it to the Man on the old expense account. Also, spotted a couple of tables of those middle-aged single female weirdos who like to pretend their lives are Sex in the City episodes and Kansas City is NYC. One group had so thoroughly convinced themselves they were living on a coast that they were actually tossing back oysters with their conspicuously-oversized martini glasses (look everyone! this is something exotic called a 'martini').
anyway, back to the event at hand. we shared some laughs at an old souvenir from our first sexy date and talked about our past and future. Over a viognier, we reminisced about these 3 years and the challenges ahead parenting these two little nugs. All in all, the stuff great anniversaries are made of -- minus my failed last-minute attempt to come up with a gift, for I had forgotten the date (this stay at home mom stuff pretty much robs me of all motivation and clarity by the end of each day). Jay told me, "you're such a husband." :P I guess so, except I really feel bad about it. next year, my pretty, it's on!
In other news, Pom has the long-awaited, much-anticipated, hybrid in arms finally. Congrats on gestating up another human, pom. well done.


At 3:13 PM, May 05, 2008 , Blogger Sum said...

I've got to know what this "souvenir" is. Butt plug? Gimp mask? Roman?

Ahhahahaha! See, now you have to tell me or these are the conclusions we will all draw.


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