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Thursday, August 21, 2008

just one of those unecessary things

a friend sent over a forwarded email about the hazards of ubiquitous plastic bag usage. it's not news but i thought we were doing well because we recycle our bags. heh. not so much. apparently it's something like $4k to recycle a ton of plastic bags which can then make about $32 worth of new plastic bags. jeez. apparently some countries have banned them all together and some U.S. cities. San Fran of course, but also a rather surprising Google entry belonged to Baltimore, where a ban is also being pushed. And, this actually makes more sense. San Fran, you ppl are preaching to the choir... now, Baltimore, YOU have balls. I'm pretty sure in some neighborhoods, bag boys could run the risk of getting a shiv to the gut for not producing a plastic bag for a patron with a short fuse and lacking a strong re-use ethic. So...what do I care you say? Well, if my family can go to cloth, so can everyone else here in the 'dotte. That's right KCK, let's make this a plastic bag-free zone . It makes more sense for us because seriously... it could actually have an effect on our neighborhoods (does meth traffic as well in tiny canvas bags?). I for one would love to never see another bright yellow Dollar General bag hanging from a street sign or blowing down State Ave like an urban tumbleweed. You passed a 'green city' plan last year. How about adding this initiative to the list?


At 1:10 PM, August 21, 2008 , Blogger katy ryan said...

Interesting. I have made it my personal mission to collect the reusable bags sold at Target, Whole Foods, Hen House -- and even Maurice's! The leftover plastic bags from my pre-collecting days make handy transporters for dirty litter, but I know this is a green no-no. Do you guys have a more environmentally friendly solution used in Preutopia?

At 11:38 AM, August 25, 2008 , Blogger pom. said...

maybe whole foods will start selling tiny go-green canvas tote bags for the meth?


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