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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

cat splatters

are filling the house these days. mysterious splats of some form of cat loogie. then, not so mysterious, Kung Fu's urinary tract infection that causes him to piss anywhere but his litter box. thankfully, he seems to favor one corner of the screened-in porch. Which at least can be disinfected.
but, i have to say, it seems we've come to a crossroads. the end of an era, if you will. i really can't keep a cat who costs me furniture, carpet cleaning and a good night's sleep (up wondering if you're going to be pissed on).
I'm sorry for him that he's peeing blood, but really, he's gotta go if this is going to be how it is. I kinda wish we hadn't declawed him because at least then he could be an outside kitty. Now, however, his future looks bleak.
If you have a heart (unlike me) and a home covered floor to ceiling in plastic (also unlike me), please drop me a note.
Selling point: The pee usually only comes by the thimble-full!


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