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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whoomp! There it is!

driving home from the awesomest yoga class ever which included an impromptu back massage (sounds creepy i know but trust me it was great), such a great class actually that i could feel my brain firing on all cylinders, the cosmic antennae reaching into the the ether for nuggets of universal truths. i also happened to be behind a white Jetta with an Obama '08 sticker as i cruised down Metcalf. And it hit me. Whoomp! There it is! is the most genius campaign theme song for Obama '08. i could go into the intricate details of just why this would be a masterful choice, but suffice to say, Tag Team is loooong due for a comeback. Tag Team could truly unite America again, for what other song could unite soccer moms and ballers...factory workers and college cheerleaders...millionaire heiresses and immigrant workers...Turner and Hooch? all the class wars of American pop culture could dissipate in one chorus.
that's my moment of brilliance for today. thanks for listening.


At 6:54 AM, July 21, 2008 , Blogger pom. said...

that back massage flat out rocked. she had x-ray vision or something.

At 12:41 PM, August 02, 2008 , Blogger KC Sponge said...

party on, party people - let me hear some noise!


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