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Thursday, June 26, 2008

hanging with mr. cooper

that was a great tv show. mark curry where are you now (besides inspecting my vaj)?

anyways, we spent the day prepping for Mom and Pop Jake's anniversary party this Saturday. we have many embarrassing photos to share and probably even more embarrassing videos (embarrassing mostly for me...a recent video showed me at 11 years old interviewing a life-size stuffed Santa and asking him why he wasn't going to the White House this year, then mouthing something about the Iran Contra hearings. Jay watched this and looked over the breakfast table at me and said, "Roman, your mom really was a dork." Yeah, I TOLD you, ahole.)
we had playgroup with a new friend of mine, Sarah, who has three adorable and well-mannered kiddos and whose hubbie is a freelance toy designer with an eye towards the toy collector market ( This is the second coolest job I've encountered recently. A few weekends ago we attended a cookout with a water slide developer. He was actually complaining about having to put his wetsuit on to go down a slide the other day to test it out. Which made me want to wrap his asscheeks in duct tape and rip it slowly off. How does one become a toy designer or a waterslide consultant? Well, it seems there isn't a straightforward answer for that, so what I gleaned could be best described as luck and a gift for bullshiting.
That's a charmed work life right there.


At 12:57 PM, June 27, 2008 , Blogger Summie said...

I want to be a comedic vacation critic, where I am paid to bring my pals around the world to have all expense paid vacations and then give minimal feedback such as:

Tokyo, Japan - Summie sez, "Fuckin' A."



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