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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Power and Lite

Ok, so last night we made our first foray into the P&L on the occasion of my 31st birthday. And, after holding up the line at the parking garage whilst scrounging up $2 in pennies (um, seriously, a notation of CASH ONLY on the outside sign would be greatly appreciated), we made our way to Flying Saucer for some ridiculously priced yet all too rare brews. Yeah, $15 for the Cru d' Emperor bottle. I suggested for that price, they serve it with an authentic Byzantine medallion as a garnish. The barely-legal waitress who was consistently confused by our orders of obscure beers (um, 80% of the beer list is obscure so ... ?) was unimpressed with the idea. Bless her little soul, though, she was sweet. None of the attitude of Westport or Plaza servers who've been serving since they still had all the cartilage in their noses, no, she was wet behind the ears, and what she lacked in knowledge and flair, she made up for in sincere sweetness and an earnest wish to do well. We sampled many a tasty, if utterly frou-frou beers from Belgians to bitters to double stouts. All quite over-priced I'm sure, but thanks to my favorite big brother, we enjoyed all this deliciousness at no cost to our penny-pinching selves. (Thanks B)


At 10:54 PM, June 02, 2008 , Blogger pomegranate said...

Happy Birthday!!


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