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Sunday, June 15, 2008

trouble in my mass consciousness wavelength

There is a sense of impending sadness that I can't shake. Yeah, baby blues, maybe. It's less actual sadness on my personal part but more of my tuning fork (hehe) sort of pointing to Bleak. I'm not jacked up enough to call any of this's just the kind of tuning into the mass consciousness that most souls do on occasion. Kind of like when you think of new product or a storyline and all the sudden, you see it in production a few months later. It's just being tuned in, my spiritual ear to the ground. And I hear rumbling on my wavelength.
Wow, that sounded so freaking nutty. Ah well. That's what this blog is here fer.
In the meantime, other goings on.
Ro and Jay have started swim lessons again. The squeals of delight are burned into my heart after watching his first lesson. The kid is a fish. Or a sailor, depending on if my speech habits aren't actually going unnoticed as I continue to hope.
Also, we've secured passes to the Shawnee pools for the season. Score! He'll get to use his new found skillz. And Bebe will get to rock her sunbrero and bikini Nana P got for her.
We had a garage sale this weekend and I've decided that's the hardest 160.00 I've earned since college. Screw that. I'll take the tax break on the donations next year. But it's the first step in the 100 Thing Challenge that I'm thinking of taking on.
On the plus side, that money is going straight to the good of the family for our trip to the Ozarks this weekend for Jay's family reunion. (I'm from carnie stock, not hillbilly. Huge distinction there, you know.) We're really excited about our little vacation.
Jay is at Peter Murphy tonight at the Beaumont of all places. Early bday gift for my luvaluva.
Hugs and pantaloons,


At 4:42 PM, June 16, 2008 , Blogger Summie said...

I so can't wait to freeload your pool pass and do cannonballs to splash all the JoCo moms. Tee hee!


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