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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The funeral procession continues ...

Still waiting for the ALL CLEAR from the leadership so I, and the rest of The Company, wait with bated breath for a clear sign that we're not on a sinking ship. Several of my usual trips to the bathroom today revealed a rampant wave of Osco Syndrome taking hold amongst the crew members on my floor. I offered an apologetic glance to the cleaning lady as she wheeled the sani-cart into ladies' room for an afternoon wipe up. God, I used to feel bad for her, but now I realize that she's got one of the few steady gigs in this place.
In other funereal news, KCKPD unveiled a new Midtown police station a mere hop skip and jump away from the gangland-style homicide at 47th and State Ave that occurred during the dinner hour over the weekend. What is actually discouraging: there's been a police station in the basement of the flat-lining Indian Springs mall literally across the street from the shooting for at least 5 years.
Here's to fighting the good fight, boys -- watch out for loaded hairbrushes on your new beat. And hey, Reardon, thanks for the breadcrumbs. Maybe we can work on this bit about sharing the tax wealth with the rest of WyCo on this side of 435.


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