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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

taste of things to come

Today was spent working from home and mostly enjoying watching my son play with the toy bounty that traditionally marks the day-after Christmas. He was actually so overwhelmed with just half the toys he got that I ended up bagging the rest to dole out over the coming lean months when toy money will be non-existent. I also had to rearrange his bedroom in order to make room for the sheer amount of stuff. I'm very much a purger, so accepting this amount of random stuff good-naturedly is testing me. But I keep telling myself it's part and parcel of grandparenting.

I can't get BaconShoe's No Jelly out of my head. Toine's echoing in my head with "No jelly today (No jelly)". I don't know what it means but I checked and while we are low on peanut butter, jelly abounds. What does it mean?? Damn you, enigmatic 'Shoe! See jay's review of the CD release show during which I stayed home and baked cookies (no one wants to see a pregnant girl out at the Record Bar, trust me, I've tried it).

In still yet other news, I've found my inspiration for the nursery. Adrift in a sea of bumblebees and gingham, a beacon of hope shines. Of course I'll have to make it myself as always but this is the price we pay for refusing the garish mass marketed themed baby crap they shove down your throat at Babies R Us and the like. This site has the most awesome repro japanese and norski imported fabrics I've selected a large black white and safety yellow floral pattern as inspiration. Trying to figure out how to incorporate owls. Check it my dears.


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