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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

die in a fire, asshole II

Man, that's so depressing. I feel so bad for him and his wife
jake [9:31 AM]:me too. what an emotional wreck i'd be.
jake [9:31 AM]:i almost got in a wreck this am with Roman in the car and i started crying.
Shanto [9:31 AM]:really?
jake [9:31 AM]:then i had to drop him at the babysitters where he started wailing at me and i cried some more
jake [9:32 AM]:yeah, i think i'm just having an emotional day. maybe my periods are going to start again or something.
jake [9:32 AM]:yeah, this guy totally tried to run us off the roadbut it was kinda my fault.
Shanto [9:32 AM]:He really tried to, not an accident?
jake [9:32 AM]:he was riding my ass and laying on his horn so i slowed down. i probably shouldn't have done that
Shanto [9:33 AM]:Heh, I would've too
jake [9:34 AM]:so we were diagonal with the car in the lane next to us, i mean sort of, but he like took his truck between our cars and almost sideswiped me. that was better tho, bcz before that i thought he was totally going to ram us from behind
Shanto [9:34 AM]:whataprick
jake [9:34 AM]:i tried to follow him, but i was crying so hard i was afraid i'd get into a real accident. and he was going too fast. s o then i drove around looking for his truck for a long time.
Shanto [9:35 AM]:What would you have done if you found it?
jake [9:35 AM]:keyed it
Shanto [9:35 AM]:You're a loose cannon
jake [9:36 AM]:and monday, jason will have Roman. and i'm going to wait on the on ramp to 70 at 8 am just in case.i can get him.
Shanto [9:36 AM]:no you're not
jake [9:36 AM]:i'm out for blood
Shanto [9:36 AM]:Dude, it's not worth it
jake [9:36 AM]:i'm stealthy
Shanto [9:36 AM]:No you're not
jake [9:36 AM]:am
jake [9:36 AM]:i come like a thief in the night
Shanto [9:37 AM]:That's what Jason said
jake [9:37 AM]:and key yo muthfing truck when you try to kill me and my baby
Shanto [9:37 AM]:What if he kills you. You're doing no favors for Roman doing this.
jake [9:37 AM]:i have this feeling that i will see him again, i just want it to be when Roman isn't in the car.
jake [9:37 AM]:he won't see me.
Shanto [9:38 AM]:You're mangry.
jake [9:38 AM]:i'm MOMgry.
Shanto [9:38 AM]:Did you kill puppies when you were a kid?
jake [9:39 AM]:or maybe i'll just talk to him. and say, you almost killed me and my baby on Friday. Did you get to work on time?
Shanto [9:39 AM]:Then he'll shoot you in the face.
jake [9:39 AM]:no, but that's a better idea. i'll kill his dog.
jake [9:39 AM]:not if i go to his workplace.
jake [9:39 AM]:he can't kill me in front of people.
Shanto [9:40 AM]:there are no rules on this
jake [9:40 AM]:that's true. and that goes both ways.
jake [9:40 AM]:it's a vendetta.
jake [9:40 AM]:I think I'm over it. but i can't be sure.
Shanto [9:41 AM]:You should take up a side job as an assassin to get this shit outta yo' system
jake [9:42 AM]:if i see that blue truck again with the headdress rearview mirror ornament with WY co plates and a man with a long gray goatee in sunglasses driving it, i might snap.
jake [9:42 AM]:i have a crowbar in my trunk for this kind of thing.
Shanto [9:43 AM]:Huh, I thought those were for changing flats ... shows what I know
jake [9:43 AM]:nope, it's for assailants and asshole drivers
Shanto [9:43 AM]:Did you get his tag #
jake [9:43 AM]:you're from the dotte, and you don't know this??
jake [9:43 AM]:no, i was doing well to get the countymaybe under hypnosis i could retrieve it
Shanto [9:44 AM]:I played baseball, so I always had a bat stashed between the two front seats of my camero
jake [9:44 AM]:it had a V in it somewhere, the tag
jake [9:44 AM]:I thought that's how they shipped cameros, factory-issued bat.
Shanto [9:44 AM]:Too bad you didn't get it. We could find out where he lives
jake [9:44 AM]:but i'm more interested in where he works.
Shanto [9:44 AM]:Why?
jake [9:44 AM]:obviously, he NEEDED to be there.
jake [9:45 AM]:he was late - it was 8:10 in the am, and he was late again.out smoking ice on a Th night. I'd like to get him fired anyway. and make him wear that tiny indian headress on his cock before i chop it off and stick it down his throat and come full circle as a cockmunch.
ah, i feel better now!! :)puppies and rainbowsflowers and unicorns


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... like a thief in the night ...


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