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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

living up to his name

so we've been holding things together by a thread for a few weeks now. J being on the road or otherwise sequestered by his employer on the weekends. the bathrooms reek. the stairs beg to be cleaned and there's a ring of dried baby piss on my side of the bed that i've learned to ignore for the last few days. yeah, i never thought i'd be one of 'those' parents. but nonetheless, that's where we're at. mind you, i plan on recapturing some of my self-respect by cleaning this weekend. Why am I not doing that now you say? I figure 3 more days of filth isn't going to hurt us. besides, i need a moment to think for myself now and then.
i mean, i did finally take the poo diaper out of the trash in our bedroom because it smelled like hot rancid baby shit. I do have some standards.


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