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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ro Ro is a Punk

Ro received his first summer haircut today. He promptly went out and mixed it up with the local hoods. Don't let the bump fool you, the other guys look worse. (He's giving the camera his patented 'Stink Eye' here.)

It's a bit new wave for a tot whose own parents were in training pants when Joy Division first stepped onstage, but nonetheless, he rocks it.

Lastly, this is him showing the versatility of this style. Yes, it can also read German architecture student.And my other little charmer enjoying her bath during this heat. If this were smell-o-vision, you'd be able to enjoy the deliciously crunchy scent of Cheeky Cherub Baby Balm wafting up from her in this pic. Thank you, Pom! I love it when my baby smells better than I do. One of us can stay clean anyway.

Friday, May 23, 2008

oh yeah...this stuff.

at 8.99 a jar, i'd hoped it would last a year or so. sadly, it might make it 2 weeks. and i'm hoping to talk my favorite baker into incorporating it into a shortbread or other cookie. mmm. suggestions are welcome as well.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

most existential vanity plate ever

and probably the only one worth having in my book at least. and courtesy of a dottelander to boot:

(you can't see the plate but it reads quite simply "Car Tag")

I also enjoy the fact that it's on an old ass rusted out pick up. Now THAT'S class, nachos.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

a strange but distantly familiar mood has set in

and I know feel the meandering aimlessness giving way to this feeling that life is cool. shit is cool. i got no where to be but here. and that feeling is a lot like being on summer vacation. i feel like i'm on summer vacation... as a soon to be 31 year old. except there's no smoking weed and making out with skeezers at parties with people I'll never see again. Nah, those days are over and pretty much thank god, though they were entertaining enough. This is the kind of summer vacation feeling from younger days still. When summer was full of promise and the sweetness of not having the Man breathing down your back for awhile.
i guess because ultimately i know that this stay at home gig is a temporary one. it's fleeting. and so are these moments with my kids. and this pilgrimage on this earth; it's fleeting and that's the sweetness of it all.
God summer feels good this year. After all that winter blight on the soul.
scuse me while i take a drive at midnight with all my windows down and enjoy a long sullenwiththevulgarityofyouth smoke while i listen to frank black sing about the promise of Los Angeles.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stay at home mom efficiencies 101*

If your child is resisting disembarking with their appointed chaperon for the afternoon, simply promise them that they are being taken to the park to play so they had better get in their car seat. Then whisper to said chaperon, "He'll never know the difference." Child will sit sweetly in seat having been subjected to your soulless trickery.

*Uh, yeah I already thought of another one. But after writing this one out, I think it might be better titled "Mothering Without a Conscience 101".

Friday, May 16, 2008

stay at home mom efficiencies 101*

after 3 days without bathing, one or two judiciously applied baby wipes are more effective than your standard whore bath.

try it; you'll like it.

*this may become a semi-regular series as i chronicle the downward spiral of my sanity and personal hygiene.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

happy 2 month birthday, ninja

though, I'm having second thoughts on your name. I think we should've named you Pinkerton. Pinky Maxine Preu has a ring to it don't you think?
So, now I ask you dear friends and family to cooperate -- we're all going to start referring to her as Pinky, ok? OK???
She'll never be the wiser.
I know, I'm a bad mother. Whatever.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

ro loving the fiery furnaces

jamming on the blueberry boat.

for the truly neurotic parent

i found this and my sympathy is with you, kids.

making your kid wear a helmet in order to walk - totally queer. for real i can tell already, your kids are going to hate you.

some pix of the kids for my edification and not necessarily yours.

cold kickin it:

Monday, May 05, 2008

for the record, it's not a sport if you can smoke while you're doing it.

jay participated in the KC corporate challenge on Sunday in the disc golf tourney. Ro walked the course with him and enjoyed throwing the frisbees so much I'd wager he has a future either in disc golf or knife-throwing for the circus. but, i saw many of the participants drinking, which in itself isn't a dq for being a sport, it was when I saw a tubby guy leaning in to the last 'putt' with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth ... that sealed the deal.

other recent goings on, Ro discovered the rewards of wrestling a purple dinosaur in his own weight class.and he discovered the joys of the Crown Center fountain. (Ah kid, just wait til the 90 degree days come.)