the drift


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

faux aquarium lamps are baby crack

and this version of the motion lamp was shown on the box.

ShengFa 9-11 lamp
I gotta wonder...what do the planes do? Just circle?

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

has the world gone mad with baked goods

ok, so several months ago i made a pretty good trade -- I got a gorgeous baby full of hope for humanity in return for my only marginally-attractive ass. I'm an indian giver tho (an accurate term on many levels) and have begun the process of reclaiming said marginally-attractive ass.

and let me just say, i feel slightly ridiculous in doing so. have always felt ridiculous in exer-wear, panting in a room of people who spend way too much time considering what formation to shave their pubic hair in.

But this time I have a trump card.The only real motivator i have is that i want my child to have so many of the things I never had -- one of those being a parent who takes her health seriously, understands exercise as an investment in a shared future with my son, and who know how to model self-respect ... etc.

ja and i watched the final Biggest Loser show together -- never having watched it previously did not mitigate the absolute awe that seeing someone lose half of their body weight inspires. If a 400 pound 40-year-old can haul his downtrodden butt out of bed for a better life, I'll be damned if I can't lose 40 pounds.

but it ain't about looks. it's about being here longer, to love and play with my son longer. and actually being attractive to my husband again wouldn't hurt if we want to give Romi a sibling at some later date. also, i want a fauxhawk that matches Romi's and that's just totally unattractive on my current frame.

But after the next baby, I want a boob lift. Considering the absolute mauling my vagina takes during the birthing of a child, you're getting off easy with only having to pay for a boob lift. Start saving Ja.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

happenings in Preutopia

This weekend we found a rifle wedged up between the stone wall of the basement and the outer edge of the house foundation. Well, I found it, with my near-superhuman powers of observation. J unwedged it with his near-superhuman strength.

Turns out, it was a military-issue Italian rifle from 1886.

After a few minutes of dreaming of antiques roadshow fame and a bank-breaking auction at Sotheby's, we discoverd it is really quite common and only worth about $200.

go figure.

also, Baby Awesome ate carrots for the first time. And boy did he. Like a zombie pouncing on live brains, this kid ate carrots! well done, kiddo.

other than that, i spent the weekend doing some holiday baking and getting our ironic christmas sweaters together. hmm. sometimes i think j really wants this punk-as-fuck wife who plays derby and paints and thumbs her nose at life. but i wonder if he'd be really down with the reality of that. the reality of that is i wouldn't have time for anything else. the reality of that would be him picking up the slack for everything else. the reality is that our kid wouldn't know much of the wholesomeness of life, which can fall victim to the incessant irony and absurdity of it. the same wholesomeness that fills out the best of my memories of childhood, and that which was so fleeting and fragile about it.
yeah, being cool is great pursuit, but i'm a mom with bigger priorities now. i've got a home to create, a life with inherent meaning now. watching my baby fall asleep or explore his hands trumps spending my time perfecting rollerderby techniques. i'm an old-fashioned girl that way. i'm an old-fashioned mom that way.