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Monday, October 30, 2006


i had two moments today wherein i was presented with the fragility of life. i suppose i've been looking for these moments of late. I feel very intensely the falling away of time with my dad, my mom and my brothers. Having a child will do that.

I realize the finitude of my life and times by looking at my baby. I will die someday and I will be a memory to him. He will die someday and all memory of me in this world will die with him. That is the extent of my presence here.

And the same for him. And the same for you.

And we're lucky. Lucky to have made it far enough to make memories. Lucky enough to have impacted someone else's memories. Lucky to have taken life for granted and dared the world to steal it from us.

This is trite. But this is what i make of it right now.


At 9:25 PM, October 30, 2006 , Blogger Shan said...

Amazing how it hits so close to home sometimes. Makes you wanna hold on tight to what you have.


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