the drift


Friday, May 25, 2007

so it's been awhile

as you know, my web wings have been clipped at work, so consequently, my posts are infrequent. if you read jay's blog, you know what's up. mamahood, house, work, house, other words, the boo-nasties. well, besides mamahood. that pretty much is the highlight of my days along with wifeyhood.

my niece is coming to live with us for the summer and watch Ro. so, no having to drop him off at some stranger's house in the least for a few months. Plus, it's so much nicer to have him with family.

Now, that he's quickly approaching a year old, I've decided on the final motif for his room. it's been ever-evolving but now it is striped sea with ninja-fighting-koi. trust me, it'll be badass.

so, what have you been up to? tell me tales of debauchery and self-discovery. give me the dirty details of your recent goings on, eh?